TDS 4.0 – Things you may have Missed

I originally published this post on the Igloo blog.

This blog post is about Hedgehog Development‘s Team Development for Sitecore, and the features in the soon-to-be-released version, TDS 4.0.

While talk around 4.0 has mainly been about the big features like Code Generation, Config Transforms and the Item Merge tool, I thought it’d be good to talk about the small features and improvements that people with access to the Beta may have missed.

The video below goes through little changes like the ability to open an item’s folder in Windows Explorer and the option to Show excluded files from the project. We also mention the updates to the ‘Sync with Sitecore’ window, and the new option to sync with just a single item.

We also go into detail about how you would use the Item Merge tool in a real world scenario, and how TDS 4.0 automatically organises the structure of the project file, meaning less merge conflicts. Yay!