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.NET and Sitecore Developer


Sitecore Glass Mapper Data Handler for a Link List field

Here’s a way to map a custom Link List field in Sitecore to Glass.Mapper.Sc, for easy usage.
The following was used for Monoco’s Link List field but can also be used with the Field Suite’s General Links field by Velir, as it stores the same raw value.
(Note: for Monoco’s Link List field, it’s better to download the LinkList package from the Monoco site than the Sitecore Marketplace, as the Marketplace version is outdated at the time of writing this post).

For more information on Data Handlers, check out the Data Handler tutorial on the Glass Mapper website here.
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The Launch Sitecore Site using TDS

The Launch Sitecore site is a great shared source site that allows Sitecore editors and developers to check out a complete Page Editor and DMS friendly Sitecore solution. The site comes complete with Engagement Plans, User Profiles and Lucene Indexing, and the code and content can be downloaded by registering on the site, then going to the /download page.
Launch Sitecore

While playing around with the site, I wanted to have a play with a couple of things from the development side of things. I wanted to teach myself things with:-

As a result, I have created a GitHub repository that has the code from the Sitecore package in a Web Application solution, and have converted all of the items in the package into serialised items in TDS.
You can grab the repo from here:-

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A little Razl Tip to help your efficiency

I’ve been using Razl a lot lately, and if you’re not also, you should definitely check it out.

I’m creating components with test data, which is being included in the TDS project, but being excluded from production builds. This means that I can create components and have test content available for debugging, and other developers can get the sites running locally with no visual issues.

Sometimes I may even have complete content on my local instance… where I’ve tested and confirmed it’s working, and the request will come in to push that to production. The request, of course, will come while you’re midway through programming another component…. so I want to save any time I can doing the push, and get back to my programming.

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